Stila’s Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

Stilla Collection

Glitters and eyeshadows with a foiled finish are my absolute favorites these days when it comes to lid colours. Personally, I feel nothing looks as attractive on the eyes as much as glitters or foiled, metallic eyeshadows do. They create an added dimension to your eyes, making them look bigger and stand out in the most beautiful way.

As much as I love my highly pigmented eyeshadows, I cannot deny the annoying fact that they come with a great amount of fallout. Hence, if you’re not careful, it can absolutely ruin your base, which is a nightmare… having to redo your makeup before a party! Not anymore ladies! Stila has been an absolute genius in recreating their foiled eyeshadow glitters, making it fuss-free and convenient to apply for anyone from a novice to a pro. If you remember, they used to sell them in small pots with a liquid substance to be mixed with and applied. They were great, but they were honestly a pain to use. Stila’s recently released Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows are a reformulated version of them and I am completely blown away by its formula, its colour payoff and stunning colour selection.

This new formula has an intense pigmentation of a foiled finish base with flecks of glitter that be used alone, or, over an eyeshadow. It goes on wet and dries down in a few seconds. Unlike many other liquid eyeshadows in the market, these are not patchy at all, they glide on very smoothly and are extremely easy to blend.  The only issue that you may face is that if you try and blend it once it has dried, you will have specks of glitter falling out… nothing too major though as it can be easily dusted off with a powder brush. Here’s a quick tip, once you’ve applied the eyeshadow, blend all you want in the few seconds of playtime you have, before it sets. Then wait to be awed!

Stilla Shades Closeup

Stilla Shades Closeup

Once set, the shadows give you the most brilliant foiled, glittery finish! The intensity of these shadows is buildable to your liking and suitability for the function you are attending. The formula, the pigmentation, the colours are absolutely incredible and after seeing the effect they have, I feel that they are worth every dollar!


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