The beauty blender is an attractive egg-shaped makeup applicator; many may look at it as an expensive regular sponge but it really is an essential in many of the leading celebrity makeup artists’ kits all around the world. The beauty blender retails for around S$30 but as costly as it might seem to many for just a regular sponge… trust me, this sponge works wonders! If you’ve been struggling to achieve a perfect foundation and concealer base, the beauty blender will be your new best friend. It is more than just an ordinary sponge. Its shape and porous material prevents any kind of patchy, streaky or cake-like foundation application. It is must have for everyone!

Beauty Blender

When purchased, the beauty blender is dry but do not ever use a dry beauty blender to apply your foundation, as it will be a disaster! The right way to use a beauty blender is to place it under running water and keep squeezing it with your fingers about 10 to 15 times. The beauty blender will absorb the water and increase in size. Then, turn off the tap and give the wet beauty blender a final squeeze in a towel to drain off any excess water.

Beauty Blender

There are two ways to apply foundation with the beauty blender. You can either dip the damp beauty blender into your foundation and bounce it all around your face evenly, or you can apply your foundation on your face first with a generic brush or even your fingers and bounce the beauty blender over the foundation on your face to blend it very well. The same can be done to blend concealers seamlessly! Since the beauty blender is used wet  it adds moisture to your foundation making your complexion look dewy, natural and flawless all at the same time!

The best part about the beauty blender to me is that, even if you are heavy handed with your foundation or concealer application, the beauty blender will absorb the excess leaving you with a natural and smooth finish! You can also use the beauty blender dipped into your pressed or loose powder on your face to set the concealer and foundation for a long-lasting, budge-proof makeup look.

The only minus points about the beauty blender is that the if you’re a makeup artist working back to back with clients or if you are in a rush for time, cleaning and moistening the beauty blender before use may take up a few extra minutes of your time. Also, let me warn you, that the beauty blender, after a few months of use, does get mouldy and would need to be tossed into the bin and replaced. I would highly recommend the beauty blender because it will be your most valuable cosmetic investment in your quest for makeup perfection! It is perfect for anyone from a beginner to a professional in makeup. It can be used for liquid foundations, powders, concealers, BB and CC creams and thus it’s worth every penny.

Beauty Blender

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