If you are a beauty addict residing in Singapore, you must be well aware of the biggest launch in Sephora last year, the much hyped about KAT VON D line of products. One of the first products I got my hands on, was the much raved about Shade & Light Face Palette. This product is great for a quick highlight and contour, in other words, a quick way to get for yourself those highly sought after high cheekbones and killer jawlines!Kat Von D PalletteIf you are new to the term Highlight and Contour, it essentially means a technique in makeup using shades much lighter and much darker than your natural skin color to create depth and dimension on the face. When you apply foundation on the face, it works well to even out your tone and create a flawless base. However, this often results in your face looking one-dimensional and flat. Hence, add the lighter shades on the center of your face, an area that often reflects light, and the darker shades on the perimeters of your face, the hollows of cheeks, jawline and the edges of your forehead. This will not only help you to accentuate your wonderful features but also it is a trick of the trade to a slimmer face.

This product comes with 3 highlight shades and 3 contour shades, hence being suitable for a wide range of skin tones. The amazing part about this product is that the powder is very finely milled thus, making it easy to pack on the skin without making it look “cakey”. However, one thing to take note of is that the powders are creamy and highly pigmented, so, a little goes a long way.

KatVonD open paletteThis palette is great in a way that one of its highlight shades called Levitation has an apricot or orange undertone, which is a great way to combat darkness around the eyes, especially the bluish and purplish tones. Many a times, adding a lighter coloured or yellowish coloured powder under eyes results in it looking ashy, this colour will prevent such an occurrence. Therefore, the best way to use it is if you are of a lighter skin tone mix Lyric and Levitation and if you are of a darker skin tone use only Levitation.

While the highlight shades are amazing, the contour shades are equally awesome as their shades perfectly mimic a natural shadow, as they are not too orange that many contour or bronzing products tend to be. It follows the natural shadow that is neither orange nor warm tone.

A major drawback of this palette is, once the shades that you use very often gets over, you will have to repurchase the entire palette, as there are no individual refills available for sale. Besides that, it’s a product worth investing in to give you the chiseled face you desire!Shades of Kat Von D

Available at Sephora Singapore

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